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Speech Dispatcher

Common high-level interface to speech synthesis

Maintainer:Samuel Thibault
On-line documentation:Speech Dispatcher | SSIP
Git Repository:
Latest version:0.8.8 (download speech-dispatcher-0.8.8.tar.gz)
Project archive:/pub/projects/speechd
Bugs, issues, patches: (deprecated:


Speech Dispatcher project provides a high-level device independent layer for access to speech synthesis through a simple, stable and well documented interface.

Speech Dispatcher in Detail



  • Coding Style ... style guidelines for Speech Dispatcher code

Source code

The source code is freely available. It is managed using Git. You can use the GitHub web interface or clone the repository from:

The Java library is currently developed separately. You can use the GitHub web interface or clone the repository from:


There is a public mailing-list for this project.

This list is for for Speech Dispatcher developers, as well as for users. If you want to contribute the development, propose a new feature, get help or just be informed about the latest news, don't hesitate to subscribe. The communication on this list is held in English.

See also the listing of other Free(b)soft mailing lists.


Speech Dispatcher is being developed in closed cooperation between the Brailcom company and external developers, both are equally important parts of the development team. The development team also accepts and processes contributions from other developers, for which we are always very thankful! See more details about our development model in Cooperation. Bellow find a list of current inner development team members and people who have contributed to Speech Dispatcher in the past:

Development team:

  • Samuel Thibault
  • Jan Buchal
  • Tomas Cerha
  • Hynek Hanke
  • Milan Zamazal
  • Luke Yelavich
  • C.M. Brannon
  • William Hubbs
  • Andrei Kholodnyi

Contributors: Trevor Saunders, Lukas Loehrer,Gary Cramblitt, Olivier Bert, Jacob Schmude, Steve Holmes, Gilles Casse, Rui Batista, Marco Skambraks ...and many others


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