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Festival extensions and utilities, focused on interaction with Speech Dispatcher

Maintainer:Milan Zamazal <>
On-line documentation:/doc/festival-freebsoft-utils
Git Repository:
Latest version:0.10 (download festival-freebsoft-utils-0.10.tar.gz)
Project archive:/pub/projects/festival-freebsoft-utils
User portal:


festival-freebsoft-utils is a collection of Festival utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features. They provide all what is needed for interaction with Speech Dispatcher.

Key festival-freebsoft-utils features are:

  • Generalized concept of input events. festival-freebsoft-utils allows not only plain text synthesis, but also combining it with sounds. Additionally, mechanism of logical events mapped to other events is provided.
  • Substitution of events for given words.
  • High-level voice selection mechanism and setting of basic prosodic parameters.
  • Spelling mode.
  • Capital letter signalization.
  • Punctuation modes, for explicit reading or not reading punctuation characters.
  • Incremental synthesis of texts and events.
  • Speech Dispatcher support.
  • Rudimentary SSML support.
  • Enhancing the Festival extension language with some functions commonly used in Lisp. Support for wrapping already defined Festival functions by your own code.
  • Everything is written in the extension language, no patching of the Festival C++ sources is needed.

Source code

The source code is managed using Git. You can use the Git web interface or clone the repository from:



Documentation is available as a part of the project and is distributed together with the source code. You can browse the HTML version on-line.

Mailing lists

If you want to discuss festival-freebsoft-utils issues publicly, you can use the Speech Dispatcher mailing lists.


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