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Accessibility Statement

This site is built using the Wiking web application development framework. One of the major aims of this system is providing equal access to all users, including people with handicaps and/or special needs. Wiking also tries to be neutral to user's software, hardware and settings. Thus the resulting pages should be usable with any browser, font type or size, screen resolution, assistive technologies etc.

The implementation respects relevant W3C standards. From the accessibility point of view, this is in particular Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Although we believe, that the WCAG 1.0 requirements were met at the AAA level, we must admit, that a range of the criterias are of a subjective nature and thus it is not possible to measure accessibility objectively. The product was also tested with users of different combinations of assistive technologies and a number of enhancements were implemented to achieve the best usability in all cases.

You will find information about navigation and accessibility related features in the chapter Navigation of the Wiking user's manual.

The final accessibility of a site, however, does not only depend upon Wiking alone. The way of its deployment as well as the actual content also matters. Wiking tries to help in this respect too, but it is not possible to guarantee that the provided features will be used properly. Thus, if you have problems with accessibility, always contact the site administrator first. You should be able to find his e-mail address at the bottom of the page. Only when you are sure that your problem is caused by the Wiking system itself, contact its developers. You will find contact information at the Wiking project website.


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